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Siamese Cat


Fun Fact: A Siamese in the White House: As the story goes, the first known Siamese cat (at least in the West) was imported from Bangkok as a gift from the consul of Siam to the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes. It lived in the White House.


6 to 12 pounds


A cream-colored torso with darker points (ears, face, and toes), either black, brown, blue, or lilac.

Physical Characteristics

The Siamese cat is known for its beautiful blue eyes and its dark colored ears, face, tail and feet. Show-quality Siamese cats have a very long, slender body and a long, wedge-shaped head and large ears.

Personality Traits

The best known trait, or at least the trait you best know about, is how vocal Siamese cats can be. They can be persistent with their baby-like cries. Siamese are also known to not be the friendliest cat towards strangers. But they are a highly intelligent breed that craves attention and interaction from their masters.

Health Concerns and Other Considerations

Some concerns with Siamese cats include feline hyperesthesia syndrome, psychogenic alopecia, feline Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, and vestibular disease. The Siamese can be very demanding and should not be left alone for long periods of time. Consistent interaction with your Siamese on a daily basis is recommended for optimal mental health.

Siamese History

The Siamese cat is one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds on the planet. The Siamese naturally originated in Siam, which is now known as Thailand. Once they were imported into England in the last quarter of the 19th century, they began to grow in popularity.

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