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Belgian Sheepdog - Belgian Shepherds | Pets Uncaged

Belgian Sheepdog

22-26inches tall

Colors: Black, with possible spots of white on the chest, chin or toes

Life Expectancy: 10 to 14 years

Physical Characteristics

The Belgian Sheepdog has a similar to the Collie. It's long and fairly harsh with a dense and soft undercoat. The breed has erect triangular ears. The neck is relatively long and so is the muzzle. The Belgian Sheepdog is actually one of four varieties of Belgian Shepherds. The Sheepdog also goes by name Groenendael, with its characteristic black long hair. The other three are as follows: - The Tervuren (longhaired fawn/mahogany) - The Malinois (shorthaired fawn/mahogany) - The Laekenois (rough-haired fawn/mahogany) All four dogs are considered the same breed, only differing in coat.

Health Concerns and Other Considerations

The Belgian Sheepdogs is a relatively healthy breed, but some are known to develop skin allergies, eye problems, seizures, and hip dysplasia. With its long thick coat, the Belgian Sheepdog requires daily brushings. Keep Belgian active and socially challenged, as they thrive on love and affection, and having things to do. This is a working breed that is accustomed to a lot of exercise. Be sure to get in their long daily walks and exercise.

Personality Traits

The Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael) is the most popular of the four Belgian Sheepdogs. Maybe that’s because they are loving and affectionate with their families. They are alert and watchful, always protective of their family and territory.

Belgian Sheepdog History

The breed goes by the American Kennel Club name Belgian Shepherd, but is known worldwide as The Belgian Groenendael. It got its name from the Belgian village of Groenendael. This breed is treasured worldwide for its versatility as a working dog, police dog and companion.

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