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5 Ways to Save Money on Pet Expenses

Posted on May 15, 2013 by Jason

5 Ways to Save Money on Pet Expenses

Pets require consistent care to stay happy and healthy, which also means costs can add up quickly. With smart planning, however, you can reduce the amount you spend. Your pet will still be well cared for, but your bank account won't be as strained. Here are some super simple ways to save:

Use Coupons

Always look for coupons before you shop for pet food or supplies. You can often find printable coupons online through coupon sites and through pet food brand websites or their social networking sites. Register on your favorite pet food brands site to receive special deals.

Groom at Home

You can save grooming costs by learning to groom your pet at home. Pet supply stores carry grooming supplies, including scissors and clippers. You will need to choose the right kinds of combs and brushes for your pet's fur. For example, according to the ASPCA, if your pet has thick fur, you will need both a slicker brush and a bristle brush.

There are other advantages to grooming your pet at home. Most pets are calmer in their home environment. You will save time and gas, since you won't need to travel , and you can turn it into a time of bonding, which is especially good for those of us who live hectic lives and find we don't get enough quality time with our dog.

Buy in Bulk

Cat litter and canned pet food are items you should always try to buy in bulk, when you can afford to do so. You know it's an ongoing expense, so save time and money by getting more in one shopping trip. If you belong to a wholesale club, check there first. Otherwise, visit large retailers for cases of wet pet food and large containers of litter. Some online wholesale pet supply stores also sell pet treats and other items in bulk.

Shop Clearance Sales

Pet supply stores, including online stores, sometimes need to clear out old inventory. Take advantage of these sales, whether you need pet toys, beds, food and water dishes or any other non-perishable item. Occasionally, treats and supplements will wind up on the clearance shelves as well. You may get a very good deal on these, but just make sure to check the expiration dates.

Pick Your Vet Carefully

Veterinary care should never be eliminated, but by shopping around for the right vet, you can save money. Call around and check websites of vets in your area to learn the clinic's fees for basic appointments and procedures. You can also ask if they allow payment plans or any discounts. Clinics that offer low-cost spay and neuter also sometimes offer other discounted services, such as low-cost vaccinations.

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