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A Cautionary Tale About Remicin

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A Cautionary Tale About Remicin

Posted on May 22, 2011 by Jason

A Cautionary Tale About Remicin

I'd like to share a precautionary tale with all pet owners who may need to treat them for an ear infection. My family's pet, Ringo, is a six-year-old pug. A few weeks back he had an infection in both of his ears. It was really pretty bad, red and with a good amount of puss.

When I took him to our veterinarian, she prescribed Remicin, with minimal explanation other than the frequency with which we were supposed to use the medication on him.

After about a week I began noticing that Ringo was unresponsive to sound, something that was fairly easy to notice since he's always been pretty jumpy about knocks at the door and certain other sounds. So I called my vet's office and they told me to come immediately.

It was in this second visit that the vet said that deafness was a side effect with Remicin and that it's usually temporary. While I couldn't get a straight answer as to how long it should take for his hearing to return, she told me to take him home and flush his ears.

At this point, I'm pretty mad to say the least, only because it seems like such a serious side effect should have been divulged by the vet before it was prescribed. She ended up prescribing another antibiotic that cleared up his infection anyway. So, if the information was presented to me in the first place, I would have had the ability to ask for an alternative.

All I want to say is that if you have a pet that at some point has an ear infection that needs to be treated, realize that Remicin has this side effect. If it's prescribed, ask your vet if there is a viable alternative. Maybe Ringo will still get his hearing back, but I wish I would have had the power to avoid this problem in the first place!

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